I always like to see conceptual figures. I am a big fan of Masters of the Universe and seeing a conceptual art that might have turn into a figure is like getting the super secret formula of Coke. I get to see what the creator or director was thinking. Like someone once told me that the best stories is the one that is never written. Well now we get to see alittle bit of a never written story here.


This was shown in the Tomarts' MOTU article. I thought this would be a great figure. Ram-man was a great idea. When I was a kid I wanted an evil version of him and Basher would have been perfect.

Image is from Tomarts magazine

Brain Man

I don't what to think of this guy but wonder how he would fit his head inside a MOTU bubble. There is also Super Brain Man if you scroll further down the list.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


Cometroid Group 1

I once read some where that they added the cometroid because Transformer was so popular at the time. I think mixing 2 popular ideas don't turn out so effectively in this case. When I started collecting as an adult I took forever before I bought the cometroids. I still don't own a full set.

Cometroid Group 2

So more Cometroids, I think if they made them more part of the story line, maybe that would help their popularity.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


When I 1st saw this in Tomarts magazine, I was sad to see this one never maded. It look like a great idea.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


The figure is not very exciting as an "action figure" but maybe with the Power of Grayskull story line it would have been a nice figure to have.

Image is from 86 Mattel catalog

Feerless Photog

This is such a great marketing idea. You get kids involve with the creation. The figure is simple enough to make and it recieved over 40,000 votes. Mattel could have sold a huge amount of Feerless Photog.


Tomarts did not list a name for this guy so paying homage to Fisto and the way Mattel name them. I called this guy Footsto. In any case this figure would be amusing to have.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


I really can not say much about this idea but laugh. How will those hands fit in the bubble.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


This has to be hands down the best figure that never was made. Mattel set the story line up to transition from He-Man to He-ro. I thought this figure with out story along would have sold quite well.

Horde Skeletor
Apprentice Skeletor

This has to be one of the top 5 greatest MOTU figure that never was made. Horde Skeletor or Apprentice Skeletor looks incredible. He is so wicked looking.

Image is from Tomarts magazine

Mummy Horde

This is such a simple idea and great concept. I wonder why he never made it to figure form.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


Mattel had some great concept idea for Horde characters. I thought this would also been a great character

Image is from Tomarts magazine

Lizard Tongue

This is such a bizarre action and bizarre toy name for a kid action figure.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


Manotaur look like a Modulok type character with the body type. I think this character idea would have balance out Modulok and look great. There were several revision so I guessing this character idea was closer to being made.

Image is from Tomarts magazine


This picture was from one of the Masters of the Universe magazines. This classic for Mattel. Strobo is basically Zodac head on a Sy-klone body with a reflective chest. I wonder how far down the ladder it was from getting made to a figure.


I thought this needed 2 images to give him justice. The one with action and one to see character design.

Comic strip from MOTU Magazine #16


Super Brain Man

I wonder why the creator like the brain concept. They had a Brain Man concept so since that did not make it. Now we have Super Brain Man. I am laughing but I would still have bought the figure.

Image is from Tomarts magazine

Tank Top

This is a great looking design and I think would have been a great action figure. Even if you do not like the design you have to give points for name.

Image is from Tomarts magazine